Before You contact

Due to the volume of messages we receive we have to ask correspondents to abide by a few simple rules. Please read the following for the sake of our sanity and to ensure you actually get a response.

Please do not attach any files to your email. Rather, send links to stream your music either publicly or privately; similarly send info sheets or press releases as a link. If you attach any files to your email it will go immediately in the bin.

Also, keep your emails as simple and to-the-point as possible - “walls of text” will go on a back-burner that we may never get round to addressing. A simple “we do this / we would like Stabbed Panda to do this” will suffice.

Thank you!

To submit a new album or E.P. for consideration on the blog, please contact us via the following email:

Or, for any general queries about the Stabbed Panda Music Blog please contact us via the email below: