THE CONVERSATION HAT PODCAST - ep67 ft Richard Jackson


Richard Jackson is co-host of Val Verde Broadcasting on YouTube as well as a freelance filmmaker. Richard joins Liam & Ben to answer questions pulled from The Almighty Hat including films we refuse to watch; our ideal post-apocalypse and the ultimate toast topping.

You can follow Richard on Twitter, or check out Val Verde Broadcasting on YouTube.




Val Verde is a recurring fictional location, created by writer and producer Steven E. de Souza. The intent was to have a South- or Central-American place that could be referenced without risking international tensions. The first mention of Val Verde was 1985’s Commando and it has been referenced in many other works - not just de Souza’s.

We may have struggled to agree on the ultimate toast topping, but we found a YouGov poll which sought to discover how well done, (or otherwise), Brits like their toast. I guess nothing important was happening in 2017? Anyway, here’s the link.



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The Conversation Hat is hosted by Ben Pierson and Liam Taylor, and edited by Laura Elmer. 

Music by Liam Taylor.

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