Bim Adeyi is a stand-up comic currently based in Cambridge, who joins Liam & Ben this week to discuss The Reptilian Agenda conspiracy theory, our circus roles and favourite directors.

You can check him out at The Mind of Bim on Facebook.

This episode features a musical number in which Liam lists oils. He’s not sorry about that but we will be looking into the legal ramifications.


Ben talks about the naughty Easter egg in the background of ‘Community’, where two extras appear to have canoodled in the background. So obviously, we had to track it down! In the clip below, episode director, Rob Schrab explains that he had nothing to do with it and actually was a bit pissed off! Well, it’s got to be boring as an extra…

Start at 0.06 and keep an eye on the top right hand corner.

We also talked about our favourite job at the circus. If this discussion made your childhood dreams wake up and scream for attention apparently you can now find circus jobs online:


We believe in you!

Don’t get eaten by a Tiger!

Or fall from the high wire!

If you do, you can’t sue us!


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