Coolest Alternative Pets

In episode 10 of The Conversation Hat the gang discuss their choices for pets - specifically, what would be the coolest. Whatever they said, they were wrong. Here's what they could have said.


tphV9Skunks are a viable option now that they can have their anal-scent glands removed. Now, I know what you're thinking "how would you like it if you woke up one day without your anal scent gland?" I'd probably be fine with that. Skunks will eat anything from plants and berries, to larvae and moles, (yep, actual moles), and seem to enjoy sleep making them quite easy to care for. They usually won't live past seven years though, if their poor eyesight doesn't do-them-in before that.


uCAPa4YA giant hamster. What's not to love, right? Capybara are the world's largest rodent, weighing up to 140lbs and living up to 12 years. Other animals often use them as their noble steeds and they do not seem to care - there's even footage of one capybara chilling next to a crocodile. They sure look daring.

Sugar Glider


These nocturnal marsupials are native to Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea, which can be difficult and expensive to care for. They are noisy creatures with a plethora of medial issues. On the plus side, they can live up to 15 year, are fricken' adorable and super clingy... If that's what you're into. Continue reading.


Here's a small selection of facts which we couldn't find a home for...

That's all for now - in next week's show we talk about animal amalgamations with our Centaur Party!