Body Battle!

We tend to take our bodies for granted as they carry us through our life, but what would happen if we had to surrender a portion of it? Either for fun,  or to settle gambling debts. Additionally, how could we lose a part of our bodies without it impacting the rest of our lives.They didn't know it at the time, that's exactly what Liam and Ben were working our in episode 3, with our guest David. So,  who would make the most profit from their least appreciated body parts?

The Conversation Hat Research Team, (CHRT for short) delved into the darkest recesses of the deep web and the black market to research the cost of various body parts. OK, well, they didn't.... They just Googled it. But they were wearing stylish black turtle-necks at the time. Sleek. Anyway, charts a-hoy!

So the winner, (by proxy as he was the only contestant to not lose any money), is David! The body selling game really isn't that profitable so keep your limbs kids.

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