The Conversation Hat Podcast - Episode 4

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This week, Roman Armstrong and the hat went head to head to win the conversation fight! We ponder some alternate uses for popcorn, compare life hacks with common sense, play Getting To Know You and wonder what if men had periods?

Nestled within the podcast is sketch 'Super-ultra-mega-hyper-man-thing Vs. Hieronymus Manfred Colapepsi Symthe' and some great musical advice for your love life. Not that you need it. You're great.

Right, are you ready?Click on the Soundcloud player above and get ready to fight!


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The Conversation Hat is hosted by Ben Pierson and Liam Taylor, and edited by Laura Elmer.

This weeks sketch features Liam Taylor, Si Pettit and Jamie Davidson with extra writings from Ben Pierson, Roman Armstrong, Jamie Short and Danielle Wager.

Artwork by Rebecca Timmons.Check out her blog:

Music by Liam Taylor.