Do Puppies Have Christmas?

xLmWuzi In episode 2, the team stumbled upon a question which has since gone unanswered, in no small part due to the tiny amount of maths and chart-making required. Presumably those capable of this are off curing diseases or doing something of use to humanity, which is why it took us morons so long to answer.

So, do puppies have Christmas?

Fear not young fact-searchers, The Conversation Hat commands, and we answer. Pie chart, activate!

Puppies christmas pie chart

As the chart shows, (hail the all-powerful pie chart), 81% of people in the UK will celebrate Christmas in some way, (presumably with tinsel, gifts and Noddy Holder), but only 59.5% of the UK are Christians, and are therefore likely to celebrate in a devout way, (ie, “Happy Birthday J-Crizzle”).

Here's a few extra things to bear in mind:

  • The Jewish faith states that you should treat pets very well, and can actually feed them non-kosher foods. So while a hypothetical Jewish family might celebrate Christmas, only their pets would be allowed pigs in blankets.
  • We have done our best to get accurate data from the UK, but we've had to do a certain amount of rounding and approximating. So deal with it.

Of course, some dogs may decide to avoid celebrating this human holiday and instead party on August 31st -National dogs day! Founded in 2004, according to, some ideas for celebrating include teaching your dog a new trick, donating items to the local dog shelter and saying '“BECAUSE DOGS” all day,  every time someone says "hello". The Conversation Hat does not understand nor condone this. Or indeed much.

Perhaps you've heard of another holiday dogs celebrate? Or perhaps your own bundle of fur likes to celebrate in a particularly quirky way? Leave a comment on here or via Facebook, so we can all improve our puppy knowledge!

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