Penguin Top Trumps

  Episode one of the Conversation Hat was a roller-coaster of emotions and questions, (mostly questions). We were particularly distracted by the idea of Jungle Penguins.

Upon Googling "jungle penguins", (other search engines are available), we couldn't have prepared for how bloody many there were! Why are jungle penguins not a household term? Which genus is the most powerful? How many hilarious lies can we create about them? There's only one way to know for sure, so with that we give you:

Penguin Top Trumps!

... obviously.


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We played a quick round in the The Conversation Hat lobby,  and from the 100% of the one game we played the clear victor was...

The Little Blue Korora Penguin!

(Full disclosure, our team received some very unnerving threats, signed with a tiny blue flipper mark. We decided that a game of top trumps was not worth with our lives, (well, maybe Liam's). We apologise for being so easily intimidated by small penguins but you haven't heard The Great Flipper War stories!

However, the annals of history will never be contented with this unsatisfactory outcome. So its over to you! Which one do you think is the most perfect, the most phenomenal, the most pivotal penguin? Vote in the comments and maybe, just maybe, you will make a penguin out there very happy.

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