Robots Uncovered!

Liam has always been a suspicious character, beeping in the night and leaving trails of oil behind him. However, it wasn't until Ben mentioned on the show that Liam might require a firmware upgrade, that it finally clicked.

Whilst editing, I further questioned Ben vis-a-vis the whole robot situation and he seemed quite perplexed that no one else knew about it.

Liam is in fact, a robot. (DURH)


In the following friendly chat/ brutal interrogation, Robot Liam spilt the robo-beans on some of his metal comrades.

Adam Sandler Model No: ProjectBADFILM

Sandler had his moments, of course he did, but no human is capable of churning-out the same basic film year in, year out. Someone has clearly asked him to divide by zero forcing him into a logic loop where he thinks he's releasing an original idea each time he brings out a new film. It's just a pity it wasn't funny the first time.

James May Model No: Mighty Automatron Yawn

The way he talks is a dead give-away. That droning monotone, devoid of any and all enthusiasm even when he's building a friggin' person-sized house out of Lego.

Keith Richards Model No: Model 1

We've all heard the stories, and there's only way this chap could still be alive - he's not. Maybe he never was? It's entirely possible that he was programmed with all those pioneering blues-based rock 'n' roll licks. Right? I mean, possible in the same way that any of this is possible.

Tom Cruise Model No: Cruise Control

If anyone would robotise a movie star it would be Scientologists (I know nothing about them, except that the word "science" is in their name, and that's enough evidence for me).

The Queen Model No: Liz 2.0

She' had every possible advantage in life, is it so hard to believe this doesn't extend to cybernetic enhancement? Or indeed a full body transplant into a realistic robot? In fact, how do we know this Queen isn't the original Queen Elizabeth I? Died in 1603, yeah right! More like stored her brain in the royal pickle jar for transfer around 300 years later! .... Is this treason?  (#TreasonBlog)