THE CONVERSATION HAT PODCAST - S1ep1ft Professor Elemental


Today we're joined by Steampunk MC and all-round smashing chap, Professor Elemental. The following info is taken from, where you can find out more about the Professor's music, tours and other creative outlets:

Welcome to the world of Professor Elemental. Sit down and I’ll brew you a nice Hip Hop number, stir in some comedy and then serve it with scones.An award winning Hip Hop artist and accomplished host, I perform at all kinds of shows from Hip Hop to burlesque, festivals to wedding parties.A Steampunk flavoured mad Professor, my inventions and adventures have taken me around the world. I first got myself noticed with the track Cup Of Brown Joy which notched up over a million hits. This was followed by my scuffle with Mr B, resulting in the video Fighting Trousers.

This episode features The Day Lists Were Invented sketch, written by Ben & Liam, and the track Ska-Electro Goodtimes.


If you're as intrigued by crabs as we clearly are, then you may find the following to be of interest: CRAB FACTS! My word, crabs SWIM sideways as well? That begs further questions...

Is anyone else craving a go on some pipe cleaners? No? Just me? Huh...


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The Conversation Hat is hosted by Ben Pierson and Liam Taylor, and edited by Laura Elmer. 

Artwork by Lauren Garnett. You can find her on Facebook, and visit her Etsy Store, (both are musts)

Music by Liam Taylor.

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