Our guest is comedian Bim Adeyi, who joins us to talk about things we'd love to catapult towards other things, and how we'd avoid getting killed by Henry VIII. Bim is a stand-up comedian, originally from Canada, who can be found performing various evenings around the Cambridge stand-up scene.

You can regularly find Bim performing at Relevant Records, (second Friday of the month), First Laughs at the Tram Depot, (first Tuesday of the month), as well as the other comedy clubs around Cambridgeshire. Bim also plays percussion for Camisayo.

This episode features a sketch entitled The Price Is Rice, written by Liam and performed by him and Ben.



Here's some stuff we talked about on the show, along with further reading. Y'know, podcast homework.

As mentioned in the show, Liam's foodie picks for Edinburgh include Wings on Old Fishmarket Close, (guess what they sell), and Viva Mexico on Cockburn St - if you don't get the haggis nachos then your existence is frankly pointless.

The UK Business Insider lists the 20 most generous rich people in the world, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

"Woman Comic" actually has a name - Rachel Parris is an exceptionally funny comedian, who gained notoriety on Nish Kumar's The Mash Report. She has also appeared on Plebs, Murder in Successville and The IT Crowd, (amongst many other titles).




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The Conversation Hat is hosted by Ben Pierson and Liam Taylor, and edited by Laura Elmer.

Artwork by Lauren Garnett.

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