TV & Movie-Inspired Cocktails!

In episode 5 the gang inadvertently created a Harry Potter-themed cocktail whilst discussing ways to improve everyday items. We don't need much of an excuse to experiment with alcohol, so before the show had even ended we were plotting other TV and movie-themed beverages.Be warned, some of these are nasty. Like, really unpleasant.

Tequila Leviosa (Harry Potter) Tequila Leviosa

  • 1 shot Tequila
  • Splash of Pumpkin Juice
  • Top with Prosecco


Tequila was an easy choice as the base, but we added pumpkin juice for flavour and Prosecco to make is sparkle. Y'know, like magic? Guaranteed to get you pottered.


Crystal Menthol (Breaking Bad)Crystal Menthol

  • 1 shot Crème De Menthe
  • 1 shot Blue Curaçao
  • Crushed Ice
  • Top with Soda Water


It's legal, honest. The combination of curaçao and mint liquor makes for one potent pun, while the crushed ice makes it look like more familiar to fans of Breaking Bad. The soda water means you can actually drink it. Now you can pretend to be part of the series without the inherent risk of having your decapitated head mounted on a tortoise.


The Imp (Game of Thrones)The Imp

  • Half measure Breast Milk
  • Half measure Rosé



For the god of tits and wine. We strongly recommend you drink this before A.) the substance curdles and B.) you realize what you're doing.


Han Shot First (Star Wars) Han Shot First

  • ½ shot Bourbon (Harrison if you can get it)
  • ½ shot Greedoline (Grenadine, only said funny)


We all know Han shot first - that's not news. What is news is that there is a Bourbon named Harrison. If you don't take advantage of this fact when making this drink you are a fool. Add some 'Greedoline' to complete the pun in all its glory. Can we tell you a secret? After the team had invented this drink, we found out there is in fact a cocktail called 'Bourbon Daisy' which consists of Bourbon, Greenadine, lemon and sugar. Please don't tell Han.


The Dark Knight-Cap (Batman)Dark Knight-Cap

  • ½ measure Dark Rum (Bacardi Black if you can get it)
  • ½ measure Black Vodka
  • Topped with orphan tears


Drown your tortured soul with pure liquid black. Black vodka to silence the voices in your head and Bacardi black... because it has a bat on it. Top with tears harvested from orphans to truly feel the pain of this sensitive super hero.

Try these for yourself, (not The Imp, don't be dumb), and let us know what happened, in a way that doesn't involve anyone getting arrested for harvesting orphan tears.