Weird Animal Hybrids

FroleanSome animals are majestic. Some are beautiful, or astounding. Others are just plain abominations. In last week's episode our hosts were tasked with creating their own mythical amalgamations. Thank christ they were mythical, I guess... PengwertleblokeHere we can see Ben's Frolean and Liam's Pengwurtlebloke. Horrific, truly.

Frolean has the head of a Salmon, the front legs of a frog and the back legs of a flea.

Pengwurtlebloke is the shell of a turtle, the torso of a buff dude, and inexplicably an entire penguin on its side.

The Conversation Hat Team aren't the first to screw with Mother Nature, and they won't be the last. Thankfully Nature seems pretty happy to make it's own crazy hybrids.


The offspring of a Zebra and a Donkey, (not an expression of surprise in Scooby Doo), this love match only happens in captivity and creates an infertile Zonkey. These little curiosities tend to look like a horse with stripes over only part of their body. Alternate names for the Zonkey include Zebroid, Zedonk, Zebra Mule, Zorse, and Zebmule.


The Liger is the largest of all cats and is hybrid between a female tiger and a male lion. As lions and tigers have very separate territories, Liger's only exist in captivity. The best known Liger is named Hercules and weighs 64 stone.

Savannah catSavannah_Cat_portrait

The cross between a domestic cat and a serval, a medium sized African cat. Their temperament is similar to a dog and they can be trained and walked on a leash. The Conversation Hat Team fell in love with these amazing critters, but beware, they have very specific needs and can grow much larger than the average cat.

Killer bees98ff81fa19cb4fcb4e8004aff45e8408

Commonly known as Americanised honey bees are a hybrid of African honey bees with European honey bees. This super scary bee was accidentally created when the Africansed bee was released in Brazil to try and increase honey production. However, in 1957 a swarm escaped and spread through south, central and north America. This new hybrid react ten times faster than European honey bees and can chase someone well over 500 metres. They have killed 1,000 humans and although their sting is just as potent as honey bees, then sting ten times more. Well done guys!