THE CONVERSATION HAT PODCAST - Se3ep14 ft Hannah Touhey of P.S. Bipolar

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This week we welcome blogger Hannah Touhey who writes about her experiences with bipolar disorder. Her website and blog, P.S. Bipolar has become a valued mental health information resource. We talk about ear-worms, The Cornetto Trilogy and much more besides.

Trigger warning: we discuss issues of mental health in this episode. It’s not a huge topic of conversation and we are respectful, but we do very much cover the issue. If you feel like you may want to talk to someone about issues you’re having, we highly recommend Mind.



An “ear-worm”, also known as “stuck song syndrome”, is when a piece of music or a short musical phrase gets stuck repeating in your head. The phenomenon affects 98% of people, with the average phrase length being between 15-30 seconds. While there is no official “cure” for the phenomenon, Liam swears that listening to the track in question will stop the ceaseless playback. He might be right, he is a music-type-person after all.



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