THE CONVERSATION HAT PODCAST - Se3ep17 ft. Richard "Spanners" Ready


Podcaster, F1 commentator and BBC Radio host Richard "Spanners" Ready joins Ben & Liam to discuss voice-swaps; elephant-trunk vs giraffe neck and to have their fortunes told by hard biscuits.

Check out Spanners' Missed Apex Podcast or his BBC Radio Cambridgeshire spot, (regularly featuring Liam).

This episode features a tune entitled Non-Committal Noises written and performed by Liam.

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In this episode we shared the vague and unhelpful prophecies pulled from fortune cookies - a sort of “conversation cookie”, if you will. Despite being a staple of Chinese takeaways, fortune cookies are actually believed to have their roots in Japanese culture, with the paper fortune placed in the cookie’s fold, rather than inside. Something like 3 billion fortune cookies are now made and consumed every year, largely in the USA, with the biggest companies based in New York, the Midwest and Los Angeles.

Don’t say we never teach you anything.



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The Conversation Hat is hosted by Ben Pierson and Liam Taylor, and edited by Laura Elmer. 

Additional artwork by Lauren Garnett.

Music by Liam Taylor.

The Conversation Hat is a Stabbed Panda Production.