THE CONVERSATION HAT PODCAST - Se3ep19 ft. Chris Spalton

Chris Spalton is an illustrator, speaker and UX designer based somewhere between Norwich and Cambridge. He joins Ben, Liam and The Conversation Hat to discuss childhood hobbies and the colour of eels.

Chris’ graphic novel, Eelman Chronicles, is all about his father, Spalt, the last eelman - it is a document of Spalt’s most peculiar life and adventures in the Fens. These are stories of an underdog, doing his best to make a meagre living in the remote wilds – and encountering a rag-tag assortment of minor celebrities, royals and criminals along the way.

Check out Eelman Chronicles on, or follow Chris on Twitter.



We chatted about the ridiculousness that is the wire accessory for wireless headphones, (pictured). If you want to get your hands on this mental, mental product then head here.

As promised, here’s some facts about holes:

  • You can’t actually see a black hole. Because it’s black and a hole, nerr;

  • Pot holes are responsible for 1/3 of mechanical issues with vehicles in the UK, costing motorists around £2.8 billion annually;

  • Louis Sachar’s 1998 novel Holes has sold over 8 million copies worldwide;

Towards the end of the show, Chris mentioned his fondness for Manchester punk-noise-rock band GNOD who’s album JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE , (good title), came out in 2017. You can listen below.



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