Hello Malcolm by Cardigan Homebrew (Every Indie Video Cliche)


A parody of indie music cliches - featuring slow motion, selective colour and overworked lyrical phrases. We present Hello Malcolm by Cardigan Homebrew. Keep an eye out for selecive colour, slow motion, and singers looking whistfully out of windows. This is every indie music video, ever.

Cast & Crew

  • Original concept by Tom Anderson

  • Music written by Liam Taylor

  • Lyrics written by Liam Taylor, Tom Anderson & Ben Pierson

  • Vocalist played by Ben Pierson

  • Guitarist played by Liam Taylor

  • Bassist by played Si Pettit

  • Drummer played by Jamie Davidson

  • Malcolm played by Mick Pierson

  • Vocals recorded by Ben Pierson

  • Guitars & other instruments recorded by Liam Taylor

  • Backing vocals recorded by Liam Taylor, Si Pettit & Tom Anderson

  • Performance scene Shot & Directed by Tom Anderson

  • Other scenes Shot & Directed by Laura Elmer & Liam Taylor

  • Edited by Lauara Elmer

  • Behind The Scenes Photography by John Michael-Lowe


The Last Coffee

Comedy sketch featuring an epic race for the last cup of life-sustaining goodness: coffee.Alternate title: "2 Guys, 1 Mug"

The Last Coffee features Liam Taylor, Ben Pierson & Tom Anderson in that order. Liam wrote the thing, and also made the music and did the rest of the audio stuff. Tom was our cameraman, and Laura Elmer edited it.

This sketch was created for, and came in 2nd for that particular fight.

Coffee used in the comedy sketch. Lots of spillage!