Listed chronologically, the following are original documentary films by Odd Creative and our subsidiaries: Stabbed Panda Music, SPLetsPlay, etc.

One Weekend E.P.

One Weekend E.P. is the story of 2 musicians creating a 5-track release over a long weekend in 2019. This 30 minute documentary short includes discussions on creativity, collaboration and workflow from Liam Taylor, (Blue Alatar) and Si Pettit, (MangoFlush, Subterranean Popular).

This short film seeks to combine elements of music video with behind-the-scenes of the songwriting process and interviews with the artists.

For fun, we created a 4-minute outtakes video which you can view here.

Cambridge Jazz Festival

In 2018 Stabbed Panda Music were invited to create a short film about the 4th annual festival. The organiser’s goal, as discussed in the film, is to bring together the jazz communities from the town and the universities, showcasing local talent and bringing the best bands from around the country and internationally to perform in Cambridge.

We take in the sights and sounds of the Cambridge Jazz Festival and talk with festival director Ros Russell about the event's history.

Featuring Fofoulah, Resolution 88, The Brass Funkeys, Run Logan Run and others.

Norwich Games Festival

SPLetsPlay, (formerly Stabbed Panda Games), had a great weekend at NGF 2018 checking out some new indie releases, watching talks by industry professionals and letting our inner nerds run wild!

Featuring talks by DidYouKNowGaming?, Ashens, and interviews with some of the indie developers showcasing at the event.