Attack of the Earthlings [Announcement & Trailer]

Aliens are always the villains in games, right? They’re weird and green and never have enough hair to cover their big, ugly heads. But what if we were the bad guys all along? Attack of the Earthlings lands on February 8th 2018, via Steam, to finally show us that hairy humans were the problem all along! Attack of the Earthlings is a turn-based, single player game where you, the native alien, need to defend your homeland. The invading Galactoil Corporation have an evil and, frankly, unsustainable business plan: travel the Universe and mine the unsuspecting plants for all they're worth. Unfortunately for the aliens, that's quite a lot! The last thing they were expecting, however, was for the native alien population to rise and defend their home planet. The Swarmers, insectoid aliens, instead of trying to negotiate with the humans have devised a much more elegant solution: eat them.


Ever wanted to eat humans as an insect alien? Well, here's your chance!

Developed by Junkfish, Attack of the Humans is an addictive mix of dark humour and classic sci-fi that we’re itching get our hands on! Our evil, human hands!


Attack of the Earthlings on Steam

Written by Laura Elmer