Coffee Crisis [Announcement & Trailer]


Brand new, classic-style beat-em-up from Mega Cat Studios: Coffee Crisis. Player-controlled baristas have to fight-off The Smurglians, an invading alien horde. Their goal is to take our Wi-Fi, cat videos, heavy metal and all the best coffee. That's a problem. Coffee Crisis, which is set for PC release via Steam in February 2018, is an authentic replication of our most treasured gaming memories. As such, it's been previously released on Sega Genesis - yes, really - following a successful Kickstarter Campaign. It features beautifully built levels based on real-life Pittsburg, interactable environments, a variety of combarants, and unlockable minigames. The heavy metal soundtrack, composed by Pittsburg's own Greywalker, exemplifies the the jittery high-energy we expect from the title.


Mega Cat Studios are a small development team with a lot of heart, and one goal: to keep the dream of gaming. Whether they're building a high-tech VR title or NES games, (cartridge and all), they consider their name to be a stamp of quality on everything they produce.

The Brit in me wants to know when the Tea version is coming out, but the gamer in me doesn't care. We look forward to getting our hands on Coffee Crisis as soon as we're able.


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