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Stabbed Panda Stabbed Panda Presents 2nd Series Finale

Stabbed Panda Stabbed Panda Presents 2nd Series Finale So there we have it, a fine end to our 2nd series!

Stabbed Panda Presents: Season 2 Finale by Stabbed Panda Presents... on Mixcloud

We'd like to thank all the bands who took part. In no particular order, the following bands are amazing and deserve your undying attention: Biscuits For Bears, Alone With Wolves, Michael Robshaw, The Projectionist, Too Cool Kid, Felix Martin, The British IBM, The Librarians, Tape Runs Out, The Infernal Sea, PSOTY, Trampled, Disinterred, The Prisoner Of Mars, The Centimes, and Razoreater.

Additionally, thanks to Fratricidal Promotions, Camblast Promotions, and UK Tech-Fest for making some of the bigger projects happen.

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Stabbed Panda Presents: Alone With Wolves

Stabbed Panda Presents: Alone With Wolves Interview Stabbed Panda Presents, Season 2 Episode 10, Alone With Wolves

In this episode, Liam and Si chat with Hertfordshire modern rock & metal band Alone With Wolves. We get an insight in to their new album, with exclusive release and title info.

Stabbed Panda Presents: Alone With Wolves by Stabbed Panda Presents... on Mixcloud

Links. AWW on Facebook AWW on BandCamp


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Stabbed Panda Presents: Felix Martin

Stabbed Panda Presents: Felix Martin Gear and Technique Interview So this edition of SPP is a slight deviation from the regular format. We managed to catch the amazing 14-string guitarist, Felix Martin, whilst on his 2014 UK tour with Tech-Fest. We had a tight schedule and a non-usual location, so felt it wouldn't be right to try and make this like the previous editions of Stabbed Panda Presents. So there you have it. Lastly, thanks to Camblast Promotions for hosting Felix Martin that evening - without them this interview wouldn't have happened.

General QnA with Felix & Kilian

Felix and Kilian talk about their 2014 tour, Tech-Fest, and what exactly it is that they do. Featuring Chris from Camblast.

Gear & Technique Interview with Felix

Felix goes into detail about the construction of his guitars, his technique, and what gear he's using.

Felix's Website:


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Stabbed Panda Presents: DAFM

DAFM header Today we present to you the good-times funk-rock-psychedelic stylings of DAFM. Si enjoys a beer with vocalist Tom and bassist Sam.

Stabbed Panda Presents: DAFM by Stabbed Panda Presents... on Mixcloud

Review by Wesley Freeman-Smith

The somewhat enigmatically named DAFM, (“what does it mean?” I hear you think ferociously), are hardly billing themselves as a ‘serious’ band. If anyone saw Man of Steel recently, and wondered where it’s sense of humour was, it’s possible these guys stole it. Describing themselves as ‘music to barbecue to’, and with a penchant for beer, (including novelty outfits), these guys seem to present themselves as the antithesis of anything too hip, self-serious, or po-faced. They are the anti-Radiohead, the anti-Joy Division. They’ve never even heard of Wild Beasts, and probably don’t know how to make Macs do that hip triangle symbol either.


The fairly self-explanatory ‘Promo EP’ fills it’s 4 tracks with the kind of soulful 70’s homage that in anyone else’s meaty hands would feel regressive and neanderthal. In DAFM, the riffs, solos, the harmonica and the cowbell work as a reminder that music can just be fun, and it doesn’t have to be making some statement bigger than itself. Channelling a range of influences from both older and newer acts, (think the kind of music Mike Patton might still be making if he wasn’t so busy pushing boundaries and making zombie noises), it’s almost impossible to feel down while this is playing. When you can sound this energetic on record it’s a hard to imagine them playing to anything but pubs full of sweaty, dancing people. You’d have to be pure killjoy not to appreciate the energy here.


In terms of songs and musicianship, it’s all fairly solid stuff. Even on first listen, there are enough obvious hooks to trip your brain up head first into the songs. It’s practically overflowing with inventive flamboyance and clever noodling which, true to the press release, boasts a tightness that only comes from playing together for years. ‘Magnify Infinity’ launches with the kind of fast-talking, better-than-a-roomful-synths riffage, driving home a distortion and funk that wouldn’t feel too out of place on a Primus record. ‘Pussyfootin’ is pretty damn soul-funk, again not breaking any new ground but still managing to be tight as hell and insanely competent. Laden with funk bass noodling (and, actually, noodling on all the strings) it’s near impossible to dislike. Contemporaries in the hard rock scene would be people like the Chilli’s, albeit leaning more to the Frusciante side. Despite these American touchstones, there’s something quintessentially English about these songs. It’s a reminder that once upon a time, we had a pop / rock scene that wasn’t afraid to take risks, and music charts that didn’t feel so uniform and homogeneous.


Just four tracks is a fairly concise musical statement, and I suppose from a critical point of view, if this was to work as an album there’d need to be a little variation. The songs are all excitable and eager, and perfectly built for a live stage. There’s a sense all this came out of jamming, out of playing live, and as a flyer for a show it works perfectly. As to where it’s ultimately going, who knows? And frankly, who cares? It’s doubtful it’s going to knock the latest minimalist or miserablist trend off the top of the alternate rock charts, but that doesn’t mean it bloody well shouldn’t. The argument was recently put to me that if it’s not doing something new, why bother? Well, sometimes when you mine the past, you end up sounding like this; that’s why.

Here, have some links: DAFM’s Press Release & Bio DAFM on Facebook