felix martin

Stabbed Panda Presents: Felix Martin

Stabbed Panda Presents: Felix Martin Gear and Technique Interview So this edition of SPP is a slight deviation from the regular format. We managed to catch the amazing 14-string guitarist, Felix Martin, whilst on his 2014 UK tour with Tech-Fest. We had a tight schedule and a non-usual location, so felt it wouldn't be right to try and make this like the previous editions of Stabbed Panda Presents. So there you have it. Lastly, thanks to Camblast Promotions for hosting Felix Martin that evening - without them this interview wouldn't have happened.

General QnA with Felix & Kilian

Felix and Kilian talk about their 2014 tour, Tech-Fest, and what exactly it is that they do. Featuring Chris from Camblast.

Gear & Technique Interview with Felix

Felix goes into detail about the construction of his guitars, his technique, and what gear he's using.

Felix's Website: http://www.felixmartin.net


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