Music Videos

Where can you get a professional music video, with great audio, for under £200? Right here.

We have the facilities to create super-affordable music videos for an individual singer-songwriter, and also have contacts to get you a highly professional video to rival bands on major labels.

Below are examples of what we currently offer to musicians on a tight budget.

Studio Session Music Video

Our super-affordable music video packages are aimed at singer-songwriters. Solo artists record several passes of their track, each of which is creatively captured and then edited together.

“A pleasure and ease to work with, meeting all of my personal requests and providing a high quality and authentic-to-the-music Final Product”

– Harri Beasley, 2017

Below is singer-songwriter Harri Beasley demonstrating our standard studio session package. In addition to filming, engineering and editing this project, we were able to help Harri set up a YouTube account, create a thumbnail for the video, (a template which he can use in the future) and make sure the video’s metadata would allow easy discovery.

The standard fee for a studio session video, like this one, is £75.

Additional Extras

  • Remove branding. We can remove our logo from the end plate of your video for an additional £50.

Animated Music Video

This first style of video relies entirely on animated effects which visually react to your music. These can be quite labour-intensive depending on the complexity of the animation. Projects like this will cost £75 to create.

The second type is a simpler audio visualisation as demonstrated in this Blue Alatar video. This style is popular with electro-musicians who wish to gain traction on YouTube. These feature several layered audio visualisations against a plain background, often featuring the track’s name and possibly some additional visual stimulus – in this case, the faded rotating cogs in the background provided by the band. For projects like this, we charge £50.

Larger Projects

Please get in contact if you’d like to work on a larger project, (like our comedy music video Hello Malcolm, below), or if you have something in mind that doesn’t fit within the above categories. We’re always looking out for new, creative music video concepts.