Eva Plays Dead - Sounds Of The Written Word

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Hard rock newcomers Eva Plays Dead showcase their superb talent on their latest E.P., Sounds Of The Written Word, channelling both their peers in Marmozets as well as taking slices of inspiration from aspects of Slash’s various band projects, not to mention a healthy dose of dirty rock and roll.

Review of Eva Plays Dead's new E.P titled 'Sounds Of The Written Word'Live Again is a frantic introduction to the band’s sound, but one that is perfectly indicative of the quartet’s mission statement. A fast paced, discordant intro gives way to strong, catchy riffs throughout the track. Tiggy Dee’s soaring vocal performance here is breathtaking, hitting each note with ease and grace, creating a captivating song that hooks into the listener and refuses to let go.

The whiskey soaked Bad Girl continues the band’s filth laden, riff driven sound further, giving yet another infectious chorus that’s just begging to be screamed back at the band in a live setting.

Wonderland, the third track on the E.P. manages to stand just that bit higher than the rest of the material here. Clean guitars clash with distorted, rough jabs throughout the song’s verse riffs, accompanied by a punchy staccato bass in the background to form a beautifully confrontational sound. Giving way to another anthemic chorus, Wonderland comes away being the most memorable piece of music on the E.P., and for very good reason.

The song leads us to We Ain’t A Family, most probably the weaker of the five presented here, however, the song is not without merit. Quite frankly, it’s a situation in which the songs that proceeded almost don’t give it much of a chance, as the record just hops from strength to strength throughout, all until we get to this track. Were the song earlier on the listing, it might have stood out a little more, but here it gets lost as a generic, high octane piece of hard rock music.

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Finishing off the album is the superb 1950’s Woman, a playful, bouncy track with another captivating vocal performance in which Dee once again completely steals the show. Here, the band take on more of a Paramore / Pretty Reckless vibe, lending another dimension to their already incredibly polished sound.

A throwback to early 2000’s hard rock with lashings of punk sensibilities, the album manages to still sound unmistakably current. Production here is impeccable, and for an E.P., the release contains as many hits as you’d hear on a full length release. Incredibly strong, bouncy riffs, awe inspiring vocal performances and huge choruses, the future sure is incredibly bright for Eva Plays Dead, and I’m incredibly excited to see what it holds.

Songs To Download: Wonderland, Live Again 

Score: 8.5/10

Check Out Eva Plays Dead on one of their upcoming dates this Winter:

 October 25th – Sheffield – Black Mass Festival

November 20th – Birmingham – Asylum

November 21st – Scunthorpe – The Lincoln Imp

November 22nd – Leeds – Milos

November 27th – Derby – The Victoria Inn

November 28th – Glasgow – Shadow Central

November 29th – London – Surya

December 4th – Basingstoke – Sanctuary

December 5th – Doncaster – Vintage Rock Bar

December 6th – Bolton – Alma Inn

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