Sexy Singles In Our Area - April 2019

Welcome to an all new edition of Sexy Singles In Our Area!

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Fire by The Ha’Pennies

Kicking things off this month are Londoners The Ha’pennies with one of the shortest tracks to make it onto the playlsit - a cracker nonetheless.

Fire starts off with a shiny guitar line, contrasted with a solemn vocal and slightly lopsided rhythm in the first verse. The hook contains a massive vocal glissando that’ll make all you jazz-heads break out your “stank face” and then take it’s place as your new earworm. Intriguingly, the ensemble starts subtly in this section, with a very slow crescendo, allowing the vocals to really grip your attention. The song ends with the hook, exactly as we wanted to hear it in the previous repeats, with the full ensemble, (especially the drummer), going totally ape-shit.

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People Say by Average Apes

There’s literally no information about Average Apes anywhere online, which just makes them that much more intriguing.

People Say is equally intriguing musically - combining a hefty rock rhythm, combined with tasty, contemporary indie-rock rhythm section - plenty of catchy blues-inspired riffs here for rockers, with a plenty dance-able beat for everyone else. The vocals remind us of Jesse Hughes, without being a gun-nut. Well, we assume so - again, no info on this band.

You can find Average Apes on Twitter

Utopia by Kasama

Indie rock from Kirkcudbright, Scotland, Kasama was formed in 2016 by singer Tyee and guitarist Adam.

Utopia opens with a shoegazie guitar arpeggio combined with a soaring lead line. When the vocals join in you’d be forgiven for thinking “oh, Oasis clone, that’s fine” - but by the time the 2nd guitar line joins in you’ll realize there’s a lot more to this band. New bands, take note, this is how you write a chorus and this how we build tension to fully appreciate it. I’d love to stick the chorus on repeat for ages, but it’s mastery lies in it’s context within the rest of the tune. That’s true songwriting mastery right there.

Get. In. My. Playlist.

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Shotgun Riders by Powderhead

Cambridge rockers Powderhead make their 2nd appearance in Sexy Singles with their new single, Shotgun Riders. Powderhead have been hard at work, playing their butts off and writing new music and it really shows.

Shotgun Riders makes a move towards metal riffs and feel, (NWBHM, specifically), compared to the previous hefty, stoner-rock style. (I’m not stating any preference bythe way, just pointing out the difference). The tightness in the rhythm section, particularly between the kick pedal and the muted roots is what makes this band really rock - that’s only something that only comes from hours of practice and performance. This track will really stand out in their repetoir, and we’re curious to see what they release next.

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Hikikomori by Elves

A project by producer Jasontyler, Elves, combines classic Moog-style synth sounds with epic, swelling pads and hefty, modern electro beats.

Hikikomori is a prime exaple of Elves’ repetoire, which features some prominent dissonance and oddness which brings a great deal of pleasure to the want-to-be film composer in me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all chaos. There’s some really beautiful chord choices here which come through especially prominently after the previous maelstrom.

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The Ache by Merrick’s Tusk

Nottingham-based post-hardcore/emo rockers Merrick’s Tusk have existed in the UK music scene in some form or another for the last 10 years.

Merrick’s Tusk have a new single for you: it’s called The Ache and it’s dope. Opening with a deceptively gentle fashion, this track is another masterclass in contrasting composition - the heavy sections feel even heavier because we’re not subjected to it throughout the piece. There’s some really nifty rhythmic breaks towards the end as well, further evidencing the band’s longevity.

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Make Something by MEVANON

MEVANON are a real power couple - the 2 musicians, from opposite sides of the world, met online in 2004 and married 2 years later.

Blending sweeping pads with modern drum patterns, gentle vocals and curious chord choices, Make Something feels hauntingly familiar. It’s possible that MEVANON are influenced by Pendulum or the many other circa 2010 dance-rock but, frankly, it’s a relief when we don’t drop into another “look ma, I can drop-D” hook.

Find more about MEVANON on their website or follow him on Twitter

Don’t Talk Just Listen by Dee.Stay.Chillin

Dee.Stay.Chillin is a Seattle-based deep house and hip-hop producer, known for their blending of electronic styles. They produce music for it’s own sake as well as for the catharsis the process can bring.

Don’t Talk Just Listen is a good instruction. Although the beat takes a very long time to kick in, Dee.Stay.Chillin manages to hold the listener’s attention with layers of synthetic effects and welcome oddness. The track is based around a cool, jazzy loop that could get tiresome if a simple, typically electro beat was put behind it - luckily for us, the artist does much more and is able to hold our attention for much longer.

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