Sexy Singles In Our Area - August 2019


Welcome to this special edition of Sexy Singles In Our Area. Celebrating the month of August 2019 is our guest writer Savannah of The Music Mermaid:

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Miss You by Claud

On their newest single Miss You, Brooklyn-based artist Claud delivers a woozy, late-night pop effort steeped in wistful narrative and their signature easy rhythms. Claud is quickly becoming an artist you’ll want to keep on your radar - time and time again, they release little neon gems, an easy-listening brand of punchy pop to fall asleep to.

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Even Though It Hurts by Devon Gilfillian

Not everybody has a voice like Devon Gilfillian. It’s the golden voice - the smoky timbre, the trill, the grit, the butter. Based in Nashville and born to classic voices like Stevie Wonder and Biggie, it’s no wonder that Devon grew up to contribute as beautifully as he has to the world of music. His new single Even Though It Hurts is a tender, thumping example of the bluesy beauty he makes.

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? by Jordy Searcy

Jordy Searcy has always been a force since we saw him slay as a contestant on The Voice years ago. Since then, he released a gorgeous E.P. on his own and formed several songwriting endeavours with a bunch of good pals. He returns this month with Why Can’t We Be Friends?, a radio-ready anthem sprinkled with moments of classic Jordy sweetness.

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Settle Down by Del

Our Song Of The Summer is definitely Del’s Settle Down - it’s infectious. Nigeran rapper Del, based now in the bustling hub of Toronto, is infectious himself; the way he talks about his work and the attention he puts into his visuals is inspiring, so the result of Settle Down something special. It’s a high-energy, uptempo, smacking, soaring hip-hop romp spotlighting Del’s quick wit.

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Frankie’s Girlfriend by Lauran Hibberd

Nobody is as creative and as sardonic as English artist Lauran Hibberd. She’s already got such a distinct voice so the soundscapes she surrounds it with are already intriguing, but Lauran is a total rockstar, so every release is a biting, searing crush of sugar-sweet fuzz-rock. Frankie’s Girlfriend is no different - once again, Lauran delivers a story only she can tell and a song only she can rock.

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Never-Ending Summer by Cyn

Alt-pop artist Cyn surprises with every release. She’s done soft and sweet, she’s done pep and punch, she’s done it all. On her new single Never-Ending Summer, she delivers a smacking slow-jam built on smacking drum pad beats, moments of sky-high falsetto, churning electronic rhythms, and a general state of wistfulness.

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Too Much by Reece

You might not know Reece’s name just yet - he’s been humbly sneaking onto the scene with a single here and there for the past few years - but you should and you will. His voice is a dream, the perfect vehicle to deliver pretty little songs you can hardly define by genre. It’s never necessarily R&B, it’s never quite pop. Too Much, especially, is a hazy, late-night exercise in contemplation, the kind only Reece can craft.

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Raedeen by Quinn Christopherson

When Quinn Christopherson won NPR’s Tiny Desk contest this year, it was for good reason. His entry proved him as an inimitable narrator (in his nature as the grandson of an Alaskan storyteller) and a musician with no end to his talent. His latest release Raedeen finds Quinn continuing to explore his childhood, his bluesy vocal tremor, and his pumping, outlaw rhythms.

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i don’t miss u by caro

Nashville-based singer-songwriter caro deserves the recent buzz her single i don’t miss u has been getting. She’s managed to do it all on her own - the writing, the producing, the vulnerable unveiling that comes with a song like this - and she deserves the love she’s gotten. The new release allows her sweet voice to shine among a sparse strummed arrangement, accompanied at the end with an impassioned demo recording.

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Heartbreaker by Jonathan Something

You can’t listen to Heartbreaker just once. From the get-go, something pulls you in for an endless series of repeat listenings, likely due to multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Something’s dizzying treatment of each element. Made rich with moments of baroque grandiosity, the song is much more than its chugging indie melodies or folk-tinged rhythms. It’s a whirlwind of sound.

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