Sexy Singles In Our Area - February 2019

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I Need You by The Stone MG’s

Sonically akin to The Black Keys, the Texan 2-piece that is The Stone MG’s blend bluesy vocals with crunchy guitars and driving rhythms.

I Need You is about addiction, which takes over the user and distorts their perception of reality - aptly demonstrated in the official music video. The track features a gorgeous Hammond organ; superb bass hook; and a sax solo that comes out of nowhere.

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After Hours by Too Cool Kid

February saw the release of Too Cool Kid’s new E.P., The Candidate - we’re excited to present our readers with the newest track, After Hours.

This is a tasty, anthemic sway-along, blending shoegazie vocals with a solid, shiny rhythm from the ensemble. The vocal melody is likely to get stuck in your head, with or without the lyrics. Just before the 3 minute mark we receive an initially jarring tempo change that must be a mind-fudge to pull off correctly live. This pushes the track into a contemporary indie-rock direction that contrasts nicely with the preceding track.

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Hedges by Epic Beard Men

Epic Beard Men consist of rappers B. Dolan and Sage Francis - 2 of the most able underground, intellectual hip-hop artists we’ve ever seen.

Hedges is the 1st single from EBM's debut album This Was Supposed To Be Fun and sets the tone for what promises to be a great indie-rap record - full of intricate flow and catchy melodies with topics covering politics, uncomfortable truths but saving time for hillarity and the absurd. For fans of Aesop Rock, Scroobius Pip & Wu-Tang.

Check out EPM on Facebook or get more info from Strange Famous Records’ website.

Sweetness by George James

George James is a hidden gem of an artist - writing and performing the majority of the instruments present. His new album, The Funambulist, features layered and detailed production which, when combined with the joyously absurd early psychedelia of the arrangements, will leave you astounded that he’s not a household name, (yet). With an average track duration of over 5 minutes, this is a really special release.

Sweetness, the shortest track at 3.32, begins with a gentle, distant, Jeff Buckley style vocal harmonies; swaying rythm and summery chords. The track gradually descends into chaos, embraced through odd chord choices; incidental noises; and a raucous kit.

Listen to the rest of The Funambulist on BandCamp.

Jackson Hole by Jud Hailey

Jud Hailey plays country-infused blues-rock, for fans of Bon Jovi, The Choirboys, maybe even Black Stone Cherry. A veteran of 15 years touring around the USA, you can really sense the ease with which this memorable track, Jackson Hole, has been put together.

Having not been there myself, it’s hard to know what Jackson, Wyoming sounds like - if it’s anything like Jud’s tribute to the area, we may have to visit. Jackson Hole features catchy vocals and hefty slide guitars riffs so you can fool yourself that you’re not listening to country music if that’s really a problem for you.

Find more on Jud’s website, or on Facebook

Bygone by Big Soda

Books; covers; etc. The same applies to album art. Big Soda’s irreverent, self-deprecating tone is apparent in the artist’s communications as well, but don’t let that fool you - this is good music.

Bygone opens with an intricate riff that prepares us for some nutty prog-rock. When, instead we’re met with a gentle vocal line, joined by lilting harmonies and interesting chord choices, it’s a relief that our brain hasn’t had to go into overdrive to understand what’s happening. To put in in simple terms, imagine if Aesop Rock started singing, then teamed-up with Jeff Buckley.

Find out more on Big Soda’s website