Sexy Singles In Our Area - January 2019

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Sexy Singles for 2019. Oh, how time flies.

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Better by Cody Fry

Starting off this month’s list is the incredibly talented songwriter Cody Fry with this excellent live video for Better. What do Better and your grandma in the cold have in common? Layers. It’s easy to layer instruments on top of each other until you have an unmanageably complex ensemble that sounds horrid. Loud, but horrid. The real skill is arranging a large ensemble to fit neatly around each other, which Cody Fry has achieved here.

Including flourishes of Latin percussion, cheesy synths and big band horns; along with a catchy chours and bridge pulled right out of a 70’s car chase, Better most certainly is a sexy single.

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Time by Louie Hefna

Hailing from Indianapolis in the USA, that is everything we could find out about Louie Hefna. Let’s hope that anonymity is part of their press strategy. Mysteries aside, this first single is a good one and we can’t wait to hear more.

Time as an early 90’s West-Coast vibe, despite a more modern contemporary vocal style complemented by trap hi-hats. Although frantic in places, the lyrics to this track are upbeat - imploring the listener to focus on the positive, and let go of the negative.

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Peacetime Riots by Horrible Dolphins

It’s time we embraced a resurgence of fun, irreverent, British punk. That is what the Essex-based Horrible Dolphins do and, by crikey, they do it well. Also, we have a new front-runner for best band name of all time.

With a music video is directed by Dan Kirk of Local Distortion, (who do an amazing job at showcasing incredible talent - go give them attention), Peacetime Riots demonstrate high energy performance, poignant lyrics and appropriately stripped-back-but-aggressively-performed instrumentation. We’re excited to hear more from this chaotic duo.

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Social Media Boy by Dirty Sound Magnet

Dirty Sound Magnet cite as their influences: Hendrix, Sabbath, Zappa and Tull amongst others. Although these influences are clear in the band’s presentation and songwriting, but the result is something more akin to early Britpop - Supergrass, Blur, etc. Now, it’s hard to tell if bands will take that as a complement, (and frankly that’s above my pay-grade), but we really enjoyed the combination of styles.

Featuring catchy lyrics and otherworldly production; driving rhythm section; psychedelic bridges and effects processing; Britpop vocals; all presented as a pop track. That is Social Media Boy, and we flippin’ like it, OK?

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We Cry Out by Eivind Husebø

Norwegian songwriter Eivind Husebø claims to be a latecomer to music performance, but you wouldn’t know that from his latest single, We Cry Out.

We Cry Out blends classic electro-sounding drum patches with early 2000’s pop-rock and inspirational lyrics.

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Mitochondreal Eve by Dojo

Dojo are a large group of highly talented and politically-minded musicians from the UK, France, Nigeria and Lebanon, currently based in London. Their line-up boasts a variety of awards for jazz-this and finalist-that.

Mitochondreal Eve is an anthem for unity, perfectly arranged as contemporary reggae with elements of jazz- and funk-fusion.

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Demonize by DemonScar

Balls-to-the-wall classic thrash, clearly influenced by Judas Priest, Anthrax, DIO and the rest. This New York 3-piece band achieve a huge sound between them.

Listening to the rest of Demonscar’s catalogue, there’s a good variety of musical styles there - crossing borders between the various sub-genres of hard rock and early metal, including some heavy shuffles reminiscent of New York Dolls and similar punk bands, or even early Iron Maiden.

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Bring You Down by Tate Chasers

It’s country, except there’s some decent guitar chops and solid songwriting. I’m conflicted.

Bring You Down is a care-free single, upbeat and Summer-ie, despite the lyrical content. Tate’s vocals remind us of late 90’s / early 2000’s pop-rock acts like Placebo, but much less dreary. A fun combination of solidly performed rhythm instruments; layers of guitar leads to satisfy even the edgiest of hobbyists; all wrapped-up in a tightly produced, well separated track.

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