Sexy Singles In Our Area - July 2019

Welcome to this new edition of Sexy Singles In Our Area! Celebrating the coolest tracks to land in our inbox over the month of June.

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My Mama by Dizraeli

Setting the pace this month is spoken word poet and rapper Dizraeli. The press pack said “you’ve heard nothing like this before” - I read that a lot, but this time they were right. We’re listening to the new single My Mama released ahead of Dizraeli’s album, The Unmaster, releasing 20th September this year.

My Mama opens with distant vocals and simple percussion. Dizraeli’s vocals make quite the entrance, easily taking precedence in the mix from his performance alone. We’re exited to hear more from Dizraeli in the future.

Dizraeli’s website, and his Instagram.

Intertwine by Matt Hammond

Outstanding singer-songwriter from Cambridge, Matt Hammond is an excellent acoustic guitarist who makes the most of the instrument’s vast range - from tapped melodies to rhythmic patterns and harmonics.

Intertwine weaves a complex rhythm that’s hard to keep track of - especially trying to anticipate the entry of Matt’s vocals - so don’t try, just enjoy it.

Find more of this band on Facebook or visit their website.

Station Street East by Nix Dadry (ft Julie Claire)

Opening with a hefty horn riff alongside a crunchy guitar and rock ensemble, Nix Dadry makes an immediate statement with Station Street East. The track, from Nix’s Screwface E.P., combines traditional rock and funk elements in a refreshing manner. Particularly refreshing are the chords that make up the chorus - not quite what you expect given the straightforward, classic rock progression of the verses, but certainly a welcome tangent.

Nix is clearly a force to be reckoned with on the guitar. We give kudos for not dominating the entire track, something which most guitar-led bands suffer from. Further kudos are available for sharing the spotlight with guest vocalist Julie Clare.

Here’s Nix Dadry on Twitter.

Free To Be by The Seniors

The Seniors are a soulful indie-folk group based somewhere around the Manchester / Sheffield area. Their debut album Wonder Foxes, from which this Sexy Single is taken, is available now.

Free To Be opens with a funky bass-and-drum duo which is quickly joined by an off-beat, ska ensemble. I imagine The Seniors are often compared to The Blockheads for the Dury-esque vocal style and lyrical content. This track adds a cello to the mix which injects some freshness to the familiar ensemble - a welcome addition.

Find The Seniors on Twitter or check out their website.

Slow Motion by Leopard Lake

Try to imagine a lake of leopards. Terrifying, right? Good band name though.

From western Australia, Leopard Lake style themselves as a James Blake / CHVRCHES crossover, with dark and dramatic themes in an experimental synth-pop style.

Slow Motion combines intriguing synth patches with quirky chords and catchy lyrics to create a dance-able and memorable masterpiece. There’s something oddly familiar about this track - it reminds me of another, but after 30 minutes of having the song on repeat I can’t work it out. I think that’s a good thing.

Find Leopard Lake on Facebook.

Erosion by Less Than Nothing

Lying somewhere between post- and prog-rock, there’s something punky to the energy and delivery of Less Than Nothing’s riffs. It’s not like we’re dealing with loops of 3 powerchords though - the effortless feel to these performances is what makes the band so compelling.

We’re really excited to hear the new material which, the band’s Twitter feed informs us, is right around the corner.

Find the band on Twitter or BandCamp. Or else.

Kraftepper by The Musical Endeavour

We’re wrapping up June with a cheeky, “honourable mention”. So deal with it.

Early in June Liam & Si, (OG Stabbed Panda crew), got together to see if it was possible to write, record, mix and release a 5-track E.P. over the course of a single weekend. The result is the One Weekend E.P. released under the name The Musical Endeavour. This was an experiment in time constraints, creativity and workflow.

The tracks blend quirky electronic sounds with live instrumentation and experimental sound design.

Accompanying the E.P. is a documentary short by The Odd Creative, going behind the scenes in Liam’s studio as the pair undergo the challenge.

Said documentary will be out “soon” - watch this space, and thanks for indulging our shameless self-promotion.