Sexy Singles In Our Area - June 2019

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Cracked Porcelain by Kris Kelly

Cracked Porcelain is the debut single from Kris Kelly’s summer album, Runaways. Kris’ classical training and multi-instrumental skill are evident in his songwriting.

Kris’ vocals remind us of the classic Beatles tracks, especially when combined with the gentle acoustic guitar and string section behind it. Lyrically, the track explores a romance between two men: the pair’s use of substance abuse to hide issues in the relationship; the balance between carnal desires and spiritual connections;

Find more of Kris on Twitter or check out his website for more.

Broken by NGUVU

Combining soul, funk, afro-beats and jazz, NGUVU are a force to be reckoned with. Formed in Manchester in 2017, this is a soulful band who really can groove.

The video below is a live rendition of Broken, a track from their new E.P., Julie, recorded at Unit 26 Studios. The vocals put you in mind of classic soul legends, (Aretha, Simone), which contrasts nicely with the ensemble’s contemporary smooth jazz sound.

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Survive Remix by Black Lion Productions

The Black Lion collective, founded by Rich Lindo, based in Toronto fuse rap, soul, reggae with beats from the golden era of hip-hop.

Survive is an uplifting and sunny-feeling track, focusing on the universal themes of struggle and survival: the crisis in Sudan; the everyday struggle to make ends meet; or an artist’s journey to success. The track features elements of traditional boom-bap, modern trap, and is a great example of what Black Lion can do. This is going on my summer playlist, it should go on yours.

Check out Black Lion on Instagram.

You Could Be Mine - Berith

Berith is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and band leader who draws inspiration from folk and Americana in addition to her Norwegian roots.

You Could Be Mine, Berith’s first single, is about longing; having so much to give, but not that special someone to give it to. This story includes a neglected child and a wish to make a difference in the world through the loving care of a child. The track opens with a gorgeous, layered vocal harmony a capella. The band supply a simple but effective backing of traditional instruments, allowing Berith’s vocals space when required.

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Rivers Still Flow by Landin

Guitarist, singer, keyboardist and songwriter Jesper Landin has a history of fulfilling various roles in various projects. It’s always exciting when an industry veteran puts together their own original material.

Rivers Still Flow combines Landin’s 80’s rock influences with modern pop and rock, creating something new, cinematic and massively anthemic. There’s a Eurovision quality to this track, (in a good way), which evidences Landin’s songwriting prowess, not to mention his great vocals, lyrics and instrumental skill.

Oof, that bridge. Yes.

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Crash Land by Jairay

“Folk-punk singer-songwriter” gets thrown around a lot these days - almost as a shorthand for “I play guitar and am a crappy singer”. Brisbane artist Jairay really can sing and really can let you have it in the way that only a punk frontperson can.

The first single off the album Stolen From The Audience Of My Life is Crash Land - a track for fans of Dylan, Bragg and maybe even The Levellers. Whether your interpretation of the lyrics is literal or abstract, it’s relateable - anger in the face of impeding, unavoidable doom which is passionately portrayed by Jairay.

Find Jairay on Twitter

Starry Eyed by Kdotmelody

Making a return to Sexy Singles, Kdotmelody is a soulful and eclectic rapper from North London who aims to leave his listeners with the thought and feeling that there is always something more whilst keeping his soul in tact & feet on the ground.

The result of a one-day session, Starry Eyed is an especially smooth and chilled track with all the heart of 90’s RnB/Hip-Hop. Kudos to Kdot for creating an exciting, modern sound without submitting to the relentless, repetitive and inescapable cliche w'e’re usually subjected to. Keep an eye out for Kdot’s E.P., The Late Shift, arriving September 2019.

You can fine more Kdotmelody on Facebook.