Sexy Singles In Our Area - March 2019

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Double Time by Jared Dylan

Hailing from New Jersey and currently residing in Dublin, Jared Dylan is a talented and accomplished songwriter who proves that the most straightforward way to musical success is to relentlessly keep writing music.

In the last few years we’ve grown used to anti-climactic Pre-Chorus drops so it’s a relief to hear a Chorus with a bit more clout to it - something that’s worth the build-up. It’s also satisfying to have an uplifting song that actually has some real ideas and thought behind the lyrics. My only critique of Jared Dylan is that the music video feels like everything The Lonley Island are parodying. But maybe that’s a problem with The Lonley Island rather than Jared Dylan.

Find more info on Jared Dylan’s website or follow him on Twitter

No Retreat by Gorilla Punch Radio

No Retreat was initially a proof-of-concept by James Booth, for the band that would become Gorilla Punch Radio. Several years later, (i.e., now), the single is released along with a 12-track debut album under the same name.

The thing I like about Manchester-based Gorilla Punch Radio is that you can make an educated guess about how the band will sound based on that alone. Huge guitar riffs, with a tint of the blues; hefty, driving basslines; raucous drums and sing-along vocals. Dynamic contrast is something that many contemporary rock bands kinda suck at, so I love to point it out when a band does it well.

Check out the band’s Twitter or Facebook Page for more info.

Tomahawk Caress by Fugitive Orchestra

Portsmouth-based singer-songwriter James Tattington, the man behind Fugitive Orchestra, brings us a new single following a successful E.P. in 2017 which garnered support from BBC Introducing and 6-Music.

Tomohawk Caress is a politically-charged, contemporary funk arragement which reminds us of Mark Ronson, Vulfpeck, Gorillaz and recent Childish Gambino. We are treated to tastful funk guitar, intermittent wobbly bass, and sing-along bridge that simply will get stuck in your head. Not to mention Tattington’s familiar-feeling, early 00’s-esque vocals.

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One Box of Tissues by Corrine Cook

Corinne Cook has enjoyed a handful of accolades for her previous releases, including Nashville Industry Music Award’s Song of the Year in 2016; and a good performance well in the Inside Country charts. She is especially adept at the storytelling aspect of music making, something which many overlook, and One Box of Tissues is no exception.

One Box of Tissues is an uplifting, post-breakup to-do list which features some of Nashville’s finest musicians. The accompanying music video, Dir. Nina Baldridge, aims to bring hope and a smile to the face of anyone suffering coming out of a relationship.

Get more info on Corinne Cook via Facebook or her website

Blush by The Rose Affair

From our neck of the woods, The Rose Affair have been garnering a fair bit of attention recently - if you get the chance to see them live, I suggest you do so.

Taken from their new E.P., Death of a Hero, Blush takes the familiar ideas of modern pop-rock acts and delivers them in a fresh package. There’s elements of Coldplay here, for example - enough to appeal to Coldplay fans, but delievered in a way that, if you happen to dislike Coldplay, will make you think “why couldn’t Coldplay have done this instead, and spared me their back catalogue”?

Look, I was dared to get 5 Coldplay mentions into this article, OK?

More info on The Rose Affair available on Twitter or Facebook

I Can’t Be Arsed by Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer

Regular readers of the Stabbed Panda blog wil already know we’re fans of chap-hop superstar Mr. B, so we were thrilled when he dropped this new track. I Can’t Be Arsed is the first track from his new album Dandinista.

I realise not every reader will have been refreshing their search for the word “Brexit” as I have, but Mr. B has perfectly captured my current mood, and summed it up in the video below. The track features signature “oom-pah” bass lines, banjolele, hip-hop beats, sparse horns and dashingly well-performed vocals.

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My Time Is Now by SUPERSEED

Bristol-based SUPERSEED, influenced by 90’s rock, grunge and punk, deliver an epic wall of sound with their 5-piece line-up.

Taken from SUPERSEED’s self-titled new album, My Time Is Now reminds us of Smashing Pumpkins more aggressive tracks; along with similar Seattle grunge artists. The track has a more contemporary feel to the production and arrangement, something which we know they can deliver live with their tri-guitar ensemble.

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