Sexy Singles In Our Area - May 2019

Welcome to our May edition of Sexy Singles In Our Area!

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Glow Lines by Leaving Richmond

LA composer/producer Jordan Pier’s project Leaving Richmond is described as “futurism with a human feel”. This appropriately summarises the sound of this project: a modern palette arranged in an exciting, but human way - like a chilled-out Ozric Tentacles.

Glow Lines is a good title, especially combined with the track’s artwork - you get a clear image of what the song could be from these clues, and you’re not wrong. The track has an ethereal, granular intro, joined with modern-sounding drums. A variety of ambient guitars, pads and other effects are then blended together.

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Flash! Bang! Alakazam! by Alakazam

A powerful trio, Alakazam’s 1950’s influences are clear - they have a dark, rock n’ roll feel somewhere between The Black Keys and Nick Cave.

The semi-titular Flash! Bam! Alakazam! features erratic vocals, tasty but memorable guitar hooks, groovy bass riffs and hefty drums. But, most important of all, the sense of ensemble is strong, this is clearly a band that rehearse at length, in the same room…. something that feels weird to type but yeah, that’s a bonus in 2019.

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Lost Sheep by Ayumi Ishito

Brooklyn-based composer and saxophonist Ayumi Ishito recently released her album Midnite Cinema, the opening track of which is the focus of our attention here. Ishito is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Right out the gate, there’s something challenging in the bassline of Lost Sheep - the way the notes move feels wrong. But, if you suspend your disbelief and opt-in, it’s part in the track feels uniquely satisfying. Lost Sheep includes some traditional jazz tropes - oddly phrased, tight harmony sections, lengthy improvisations, etc. There’s plenty here to entertain trad-jazz fans but it’s presented in a way that’s engaging to a modern ear.

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Your Touch by The APX

It’s possible we’re on the cusp of an exciting 80’s funk revival given the rising interest in the genre. One such band are funk duo The APX, who have been keeping the funk flame alive from their base of operations in Atlanta. The duo, Dee and Erika Rhodes, have an extensive catalogue of bragging rights - including performances to Barak Obama, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross to name just a few. Having experienced independent success the two joined forces in 2016.

Your Touch is a collaboration with Mink Slide, and combines the familiar tropes of disco-funk with a modern polish and electronic elements that sit nicely in the mix, letting the duo’s exceptional vocals shine-through.

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Butterfly by Lucy Booth

Introducing Leeds-based singer-songwriter Lucy Booth - a rising star, captivating audiences with her enchanting, dream-like vocals and poetic lyrics. Perfect for fans of Gabrielle Aplin, Dodie and Lana Del Rey.

This new single, Butterfly, is bright and uplifting in timbre, at odds with the lyrical content of the song. The lyrics deal with with abandonment, loneliness and the struggles of single-motherhood. This intentional contrast paints a remarkably familiar picture - highlighting how we put on a brave face in spite of internal struggles either for our own benefit, or the benefit of those around us.

Find Lucy on Twitter or check out her website for more info.

All I Want by Sunfruits

Psychedelic, uplifting and Summery - like The Beatles less abrasive psychedelic tangents - that’s Sunfruits. Ideal for fans of Babe Rainbow, Nice Biscuit, The Mystery Lights and Allah Las.

All I Want combines heavily effected guitars with a surfie bass, sway-along drums and hypnotic vocals. There’s something reassuringly, comfortably nostalgic about the ensemble.

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Into Fading Light by The Magic Es

Melodic, catchy rock n’ roll reminiscent of Brit Pop & Mod Rock - that is The Magic Es. Influenced by bands including The Who, The Clash, The Stone Roses and more.

Into The Fading Light takes classic, old school rock n’ roll and blends it with a modern songwriting ear - the result is, you can imagine, something The New York Dolls might write if they were a new act today.

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