Sexy Singles In Our Area - October 2019

Welcome to this new edition of Sexy Singles In Our Area! Celebrating the most epic tracks to land in our inbox over the month of October. Oh boy, we have some special stuff for you here.

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I’m Ready To Fight by Victor Vellocette

Kicking us off this month is Cambridge songwriter and producer Victor Vellocette, with a track from their new, self-titled album: I’m Ready To Fight.

Victor’s punk background shines-through in I’m Ready To Fight, although it’d be remiss to call this a punk album: there’s elements of classically brilliant songwriters like Elvis Costello atop a track that lives somewhere between New York Dolls and The Hives. Struggling to imagine that? Well, luckily for you Victor’s new album is out now.

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Synthetic by Marey

A band which constantly reinvents itself, Marey love creativity above everything else - creativity without barriers, taboos or a desire to affiliate themselves with a specific style.

Synthetic is taken from their 2nd album, expected in 2020 and has a distinctive sound that’s hard to put into any categories - presumably that’s their goal. A layered sound, with a deceptively simple guitar ostinato; grainy drums and pads galore. Contemplative, psychedelic but familiar in a way that’s hard to describe. We like.

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TicToc by Jaelee Small

Jaelee Small’s Memoirs (part ii) is part of a harmony-soaked concept album through a timeline of a teenage youth. Jalee seeks to paint a picture of her memories through catchy choruses and memorable melodies, influenced by The Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin, Emeli Sandé and Haim.

TicToc was written after Jaelee first got in touch with her father after some trying.

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Darkest Before Dawn by Andy Robbins

Oxfordshire singer-songwriter Andy Robbins has been writing since the age of 11, evidenced by his body of work. His inspiration comes from songwriting heavyweights such as The Beatles, Kinks and Eagles.

Today we’re listening to Darkest Before Dawn. Don’t judge this song for it’s opening cliché - the good thing about cliché is that they can be used as a shortcut to say much more than the words would otherwise allow. “I gotta leave this town” will place in your mind the content of every song you previously heard with that message, meaning that Andy doesn’t have to reiterate them. Smart. It’s a good way to slag-off your hometown without necessarily saying anything.

Where was I going with this?

Darkest Before Dawn is a gentle bop-along which would work just as well performed solo as it would with a full ensemble. Especially interesting is that you don’t really notice the rest of the band supporting Andy unless you intentionally listen for them.

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What’s In A Name?? by The Channel

It was The Channel’s story that caught our attention - three Texas siblings and their partners combine forces to create crazy music together.

Wrapping-up this month is a track from The Channel’s new album Multi Goods & Services, named after the business run by the sibling’s father, (bonus points if you have the Cupcake & Dino theme tune in your head now). What’s In A Name?? We hear elements of They Might Be Giants and the band’s influences of Harry Nilsson & Fleet Foxes.

This single is out now, and the full album drops Nov 8th.

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