Sexy Singles In Our Area - September 2019

Welcome to this new edition of Sexy Singles In Our Area! Celebrating the most epic tracks to land in our inbox over the month of September. Oh boy, we have some special stuff for you here.

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Osaka Tower by TAMERLAN

Our first offering this month is from TAMERLAN, one of several musical aliases of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Mardanov.

Rich with ambient sounds, Osaka Tower is future-funk inspired by 80’s Japan. Sweeping arpeggio synths, funky clean guitars and a hefty beat blend contemporary and vintage sounds in a pleasing way.

Listen to more on SoundCloud or follow Andrew on Twitter.

Kōan II by Run Logan Run

Run Logan Run are a real treat - an exciting 2-piece who can blend between meditative, psychedelic soundscapes and driving, energetic sax riffs.

Kōan is the band’s final release with drummer Dan Johnson who is moving on to pastures new. Taken from the new release, Kōan II, features ambient drones, jazzy phrasing and huge dynamic variety. Perfect for fans of medieval-tinged jazz like Henri Texier.

Find more of this band on their website, BandCamp or see if you can spot them in our 2018 Cambridge Jazz Fest 2018 documentary.

See Me Again by The Bartells

4-piece indie-rock outfit from Oswestry, (Welsh border), combine strong, story-driven lyrics with an obviously passion, high-energy and musicianship.

Taken from their new E.P., Standing on the Edge (of the World), See Me Again combines the group’s influences including The Jam, U2, and a plethora of Britpop giants. Ideal for fans of the above, or for fans of story-driven music.

Check out the band on Twitter or Facebook.

Wow! Thats gravity by Get The Fuck Outta Dodge

Embracing the ever-popular Royal Blood ensemble template, Sheffield 2-piece Get The Fuck Outta Dodge create short and catchy lofi punk-n-roll / rockabilly tracks, somewhere between The White Stripes and Gang Of Four.

Wow! Thats gravity makes the most of the limited line-up: fuzzy bass takes up the frequency range usually dominated by guitars; varied drums reinforce the track’s structure; intriguing lyrics that’ll take up long-term residence in your brain.

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3 Wise Men by Naughty Professor

I mean, if you call your band Naughty Professor, we’re going to pay attention. It’s not fair, really…

Naughty Professor have been around the block, touring as backing band for diverse acts and that professional level of musicianship is evident in this new single, taken from their up-coming E.P., Everyday Shredder.

3 Wise Men is raucous, brutal, charming, dank… so, so dank. It combines traditions of New Orleans Jazz with elements of contemporary funk and YouTube jazz, (no, I’m not explaining “YouTube jazz” for you… Google Louis Cole, Jacob Collier, Adam Neely, Vulfpeck. Make a day of it).

Check out more on Twitter or Instagram.

Indecisive by Akintoye

Indecisive is the title-track from Akintoye’s new album. His well-performed vocals and intriguing lyrics focus on procrastination, avoidance of decision-making, etc. Ironic that the track is so focused given the subject matter.

The striking thing about Akintoye’s backing track is the combination of vintage and modern - we hear a lop-sided piano loop, reminiscent of 90’s West Coast superstars like Tupac alongside a heavy, modern sub-bass and beat.

Check out Akintoye on Instagram or Twitter.