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Sexy Singles In Our Area - November 2018

Thanks to all the musicians who submitted there work this month, we’re happy to present our favourites to you now!

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Take A Hit by Carter Fox

Carter Fox is a producer and bassist based in Philadelphia. We’re pleased to present you with a track from his album Epoch, released in August.

Take A Hit is a chilled-out jam with emelents of jazz fusion and world music, very Ozric Tentacles and we 100% dig it. We can also hear elements of Victor Wooten in his bass playing, and Herbie Hancock in the composition.

Find Carter Fox on Twitter or visit their Website.

Rescue Ship by Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset

A blend of classic pop & rock songwriting with a satisfyingly up-to-date twist. These chaps know how to write a hook that sounds familiar yet fresh.

Matt Steele himself reminds us of a young Elvis Costello, whilst this track’s quirky, lop-sided riffs lie somewhere between The Black Keys and Queens Of The Stone Age. One of the best things about this job is the amount of bands that we’ll be keeping an eye on for years to come - The Corvette Sunset is one such band.

Find Matt on Twitter

Little By Slowly by Foll

From Hartlepool in the UK, Foll create quirky, sample-heavy electronic music with nods towards Dosh, Bonobo, Four Tet and Tortoise.

Little By Slowly is a demonstration of how mangled samples can manage to feel ambient despite abrasive glitching. Much of the instrumentation here is sample-based, but it does include live instruments.

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Piece Of Me by Ryker Sear

Ryker’s vocal style is similar to Taylor Swift, (that’s a compliment, we like Tay-Tay), so it’s tricky not to draw comparisons to similar female-fronted pop-rock, (Carly Rae Jepsen, Leslie Carter, etc)

The truth ,however, is that this isn’t a simple pop track. There’s some cool glitchy hits and cinematic effects towards the start, (matching the retro visuals), a level of interest you just don’t get in contemporary pop.

More of this please.

Find more Ryker Sear on Twitter or YouTube.

Head In The Sand by Sea Legs

Imagine a track that combines influence from The Beatles and Wilco into an uplifting package that belies the idle, procrastinatory lyrics on top. Well, you don’t have to thanks to Head In The Sand as they’ve done just that.

This Leeds trio have managed to create a unique, indie sound without being tiresome or wanky. We truly believe that’s the sign of genius and are excited to hear more from this band in the near future. Good job lads.

Listen on SoundCloud or find the band on Facebook.

Trip My Play by Risky Motion

Hailing from Austin, TX, David Roseboom composes the material for Risky Motion as well as providing much of the instrumentation - as skilled an unique a vocalist as he is a keyboard player and solid guitarist.

Trip My Play combines chaotic synth patches and distorted instruments with dreamy textures. This would be equally at home at a psychedelic music festival or a jazz club.

Find more Risky Motion on Twitter or Facebook.

Lucid Control by HF5

Wrapping-up this months edition is HF5, with their brand of chaotic, distorted industrial electronica. This music clearly takes influence from Nine Inch Nails, The Crystal Method and Chemical Brothers but does so with a fresh perspective.

Lucid Control is an intriguing ear-worm, managing to take control of your inner-monologue whilst providing only the most vague of melodies - if you’re able to pick a melody out of the glitch-scape HF5 have created, that is.

Check out HF5 on Twitter or listen to more on SoundCloud.