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Sexy Single In Our Area - September 2018

A selection of music, new and old, that grabbed our attention during September 2018 from around the globe.

Omar Addis - Roll of the Dice

Our first single, and one of the sexiest, is taken from Omar Addis’ new E.P.: Double Digits. Released on Sept 19th, these tracks blend contemporary pop vocals with electronic rhythms and weaving, psychedelic guitar lines.

Listeners may hear references to Coldplay and recent Radiohead, but in a refreshingly well-produced and musically intriguing package.

Listen to more on Omar’s SoundCloud page, or keep up-to-date via Facebook.

KdotMelody - Windows

Here we have a brand new single from rapper KdotMelody, produced by Semantic ONE. Windows comes from their up-coming single SPECTRUM, releasing in October to all major platforms. This new music video, dir. Hattie Hughes, shows the duo enjoying the rare London sun.

KdotMelody has a smooth but clear flow, which is complemented by Semantic ONE’s track - contemporary flourishes with a satisfyingly 90’s feeling vibe.

You can follow KdotMelody over most socials: @KdotMelody.

Penny Mob - 21st Century Kids

In a similar vein to a Bad Religion track from 1994, 21st Century Kids is Penny Mob’s reflection on the millennial generation’s attachment to the internet, technology and all the associated superficiality, (crikey, that’s a good word).

Penny Mob believe themselves to be more than a band: “It’s the coming together of people, of anyone who dreams to be a part of something, and who carry the same feelings inside that we do and all human beings do.”

Get more info from the band’s Facebook page, or listen to more on SoundCloud.

ag. - All Falls Down

An artful collaboration between Ross Quinn and Andrew Goddard fresh off the back of successful DJ and production careers. Remeniscent of Bonobo, Maribou State, Burial and Four Tet, the duo’s latest track All Falls Down is an emotive and ethereal one.

Their debut single, Warped Minds, was very well recieved and recieved great support from BBC Introducing.

Listen to more on Soundcloud or stay up-to-date on Facebook.


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