Sexy Singles In Our Area Playlist

Official playlist for the artists featured on our monthly blog, Sexy Singles In Our Area. Not all artists we feature have their music on Spotify, but most of them do.

Listen with the playlist embedded here, or follow this direct link to Spotify. Any follows and shares are massively appreciated - that’s word of mouth is the best way for these artists to reach a larger audience.

If you’d like to be considered for the blog and subsequently this playlist, you just need to reach out via Twitter, Facebook or post on our official SubReddit. There are no requirements in terms of genre, but we’re only looking to support reasonably unknown artists.

Keeping these playlists up to date takes time and effort, not to mention the time and costs to promote these playlists to a wider audience. If you’ve been featured on the list, are interested in what we do or appreciate the efforts to promote underground music, please consider supporting Stabbed Panda on Patreon.