How To Promote Gigs

In the previous episode of Pro Tips we talked about how to put together a music event, from booking bands and talking to the venue, to dividing income on the night. This month we're sticking with a similar topic and talking about how to promote the event, and actually get people to show up on the night.


Physical Promotion

This is the info you’ll need on a flyer: date, location of venue, time of doors and or when the first act is on, price, age rating, band names, some way to get more info. If you’re getting a batch printed the website or Printers will often have a design template to download and use - always use a template!Be sure to drop some flyers at the venue, posters too if you can get them.

Pubs are usually cool about taking flyers, especially if they don’t run music events themselves. Many shops, newsagents and fast food places will take a small pile too or put a poster in their window.

How To Promote Gigs

How To Promote Gigs

Social Media Promotion

  • Facebook events - ask bands and venues to invite their fans to the event and make some noise about it with their own posts - don’t stand for any of that “you’re the promoter, we’re not doing your job” crap because they have the most direct access to their fans, it’s insane for them not to use that to pull people into your event

  • Announce bands one at a time in the Facebook event page and over Twitter

  • Create or re-purpose memes.

  • Post pics and videos of the bands

You need to get your bands to help promote the event. As we’ve said in other videos, the bands will have the most direct access to their own fans so, whilst it’s not technically their job to do anything, it’s kinda uncool if they don’t make any Facebook posts or Tweet about the event. Some promoters I know would make it a condition that a band had to do X amount of social media posts in order to get whatever money they’re expecting - now, very rarely would this become a problem, because it’s so straightforward but it did act as a firm reminder. Maybe one notch up from “gentle reminder”. Some bands would get annoyed that this was conditional, but most seemed to understand it was necessary.


Word of Mouth Promotion

Never underestimate the humble mailing list. Whether you’re a promoter, a band, a solo artist or in any other creative industry, a mailing list gives you the best access to your audience. Always have a sign-up sheet on the doors of your gigs so people can find out when your next gigs come up.

What other stuff can you do to get people into your gig. Fancy dress - punters get money off the entry price if they turn up dressed like a dinosaur. Easy. Especially if it’s halloween or some kind of celebration gig. You could do the same with Students- just be sure that it’s made very clear on any promotional materials.