Getting A Good Interview

How can your band find good interviews? What are some do's and don'ts for  during an interview? All this and more! Shou-out to Graham Chapman for making himself look like a moron!

Finding interviews is a lot like finding gigs, once you replace a few key words. We have a video on that very subject which you can find that episode right here. We also suggested taking a look at our How To Contact Industry Professionals video, which is over here.

Small Shows Are More Accomodating

The bigger a show or blog the more likely it is that they have a strict format they cannot shift from. From our experience, the smaller blogs are often more accommodating, so will give you a much better experience and a much more useful end product.

Collaborations Can Be As Important As Interviews

Not all show will play your music, or talk in-depth about your musical career. That sounds silly and pointless, but actually you can get a lot out of collaborations. Keep an open mind to being on non-music podcasts, for example. Here's some great examples of collaborations which promote films, music, or whatever else without talking exclusively about that.

  • First We Feast have a YouTube show where guests eat particularly spicy foods whilst talking about recent projects and answering trivia questions. James Franco and Bryan Cranston spoke about a recent film while Rhett & Link talked about their shows Good Mythical Morning and Buddy System.

  • Snoop Dogg cooking with Martha Stewart is the best. You can watch the video we used in this episode here, or the (as far as we know), original Snoop & Martha video over here.


How to get a good interviews

How to get a good interviews

Here's advice for the interview itself.

  • Don't bring your drug dealer. Obviously.

  • Establish how many band members the interviewer wants you to bring, and make sure they can all talk.

  • Keep talking. Elaborate on your responses, and remember that the listeners probably aren't musicians so will likely find your responses entertaining or interesting.

  • Get copies of the interview questions in advance if possible. Most producers should be forthcoming.

  • Don't rigidly script your responses, keep things flexible to adjust to the specific phrasing of the question.

  • If you're asked to not swear on a show you need to oblige. They could just not publish your interview.

  • Try to look / sound healthy and upbeat! Unless looking ill is part of your band's identity.