How To Quit Your Band

We're baaaaack!

The first episode in this new series looks at ways to quit your band. Liam's 6 tips are as follows...

1. The Ultimatum

An ultimatum is a simple "If this, then this" situation. Make it clear that you want to leave and your reason for that. If they're willing to fix the issue then it's probably worth staying.

2. Timescale

An absolute necessity if you're gigging a lot or recording tracks. Say that you'll stay for  a couple months, but after that you're gone.

Quit your Band

3. Find a Potential Replacement

Offer the band a replacement who is at least as good as you, if not better. Don't offer this individual the job, but certainly make sure they're up for it if asked.

4. Be Transpaent

Don't lie about why you're leaving. If the band try to fix your issue you'll have to come clean about the real reason for leaving. Que awkwardness...

5. Be Firm, but Avoid an Argument

Shouting matches aren't rock n' roll - they could actually screw your potential future endeavours. The goal here is to minimize the amount of crap your ex-bandmates might say after you leave, but it's also important to be firm and clear so what you're saying isn't misunderstood.

6. Be Sure

Don't come crawling back 20 seconds after you quit. Because durh, obviously.


Those are our tips for quitting your band - we hope your next bailing is a joyful one.

(R.I.P. the Liam Taylor Musical Endeavour)