The Importance Of Remixes [ft. Yvette Chivers of the B-Side Project]

In this episode Liam talks about the importance of remixes, what they can do for your band, and what makes a good one.Featuring expert witness Yvette Chivers, DJ and founder of the B-Side Project.

Sharing Fan-base

As Yvette said, if you get remixed, you will get a wider fan-base. It doesn't really matter if you like the style of the remix, or indeed the individual track - the fact is, it will have the potential to bring you new fans. Also, consider this: the more different a remix is from the original song, the wider the scope of people it might attract. Music listeners aren't one-dimensional, they can like opposing music styles.

Stay True To The Original Track

On the flip side of that, it is fair enough for a band to make sure they're being represented in the best way. Producers need to be respectful of the original track, and make sure they're doing it justice.


Now, just like bands, to really make money and be a success you pretty much have to tour and perform tracks you've created. Luckily, performance hardware is easily accessible and super-easy to learn, so anyone can take their show on the road - you really have no excuse!

It's the same deal for DJs as with bands - you might not be able to perform many gigs at first, (unless you count weddings and functions where they won't want you to play original stuff), but you can definitely play at a friend's party, right?

Do It For The Love

bad-djIf you're trying to create something, (anything in fact), you have to stay true to that - if you don't love doing it, people are going to notice, and they're not going to care. There is some compromise between expressing yourself and trying to appeal to people and make a living - but that's just a balance you'll have to get used to over time.

Tell A New Story

The last thing Yvette said there was interesting to me - depending on the instruments and effects used, or the way you mix a track, you can tell a create an entirely new track. So when working on a remix, why not try to tell a different story to the original piece? Rather than just a more energetic track, you could transform it entirely - that's a real challenge there.

Thanks again to Yvette for donating her time to talk to us. Remember to get more information on the B-Side Project from their website, and check out the full interview below.

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