Social Media Assets

We all know the importance of having a social media presence:

  • Bands and solo artists promoting specific gigs or new releases;

  • Online businesses demonstrating their services;

  • Retailers wanting to show the world their stock or promote a sale;

All of these businesses need to keep their online presence up-to-date and the best way to keep an audience engaged is with visual content. We are able to provide short videos, rendered to suit your social media platform of choice, created from scratch or using pre-made assets (album covers, previous promotional projects, etc).

We are happy to advise how to truly make the most of your new social media assets using scheduled posts; tags; cross-posting; and much more besides.

Dizmul’s BBC Introducing Promo

We were approached by one of Dizmul’s collaborators to create a video animation promoting a new single premier on BBC Introducing. To capitalise on the opportunity we were asked to create a video which incorporated the original track, without giving too much away prior to the premier.

We created 2 versions of this video, with different aspect ratios to make the most of both Facebook and Instagram.

From conception to upload, this project represents 5 hours of work. We would charge £15 per hour for similar projects, so you could expect to pay around £75.

Conversation Hat Podcast

Occasionally, for the Conversation Hat we like to create over-the-top promotion materials. In this example, we copied the style of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame to promote an episode discussing the film.

We used the franchise’s official font; copied the film’s colour scheme and animated it as if it was disappearing as per characters in the previous films. Don’t worry if you’re unclear - it makes sense to fans of the film, which is our target audience here.

This video was published just before the episode went public in order to get our audience’s attention and begin conversations on the subject over social media.