Title Animations

If you upload original content to YouTube, livestream to Twitch, or use any other video service you'll already know the impact that having a professionally made intro animation will have on your audience.

If you would like to start uploading content to the internet having a splash-screen or intro animation is a must for professional content.

Either way, with our help you can win new viewers over within the first few seconds of viewing your content and entertain your current fans with a professional looking intro.

View some of our previous projects below or get in touch today.

Stabbed Panda’s Pro Tips

Pro Tips is one of our internal projects. We wanted to create an intro for the series that captured the fun aspect of the show, but was slick enough to capture people’s attention.

Department of Magical Gifts

This commission involved creating a series of minute-long videos, promoting the store’s products.

For this mini-series, we decided to create an animated title intro in the Harry Potter style - in keeping with the store’s aesthetic and adding extra flare to the videos.

We also created the music used in the videos, so it was a simple to sync the start of the music to the animated text reveal.

Blue Alatar

Blue Alatar are a cinematic rock band based in East Anglia, UK, led by our in-house composer Liam Taylor. When they re-branded in 2018 they wanted to guarantee that their new name would have an impact so we created the animation below and combined it with some original music based on one of the band’s tracks. We created versions of the animation for use on YouTube and on the band’s animated Facebook banner, including an alternate banner that included album release info. You can see that in action on Blue Alatar’s Facebook Page.