Odd Creative has an immense back-catalogue of podcasts, comedy and long-running edutainment videos -each one of which relies on the clear and charismatic vocal delivery of it’s host.

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Our Voice Actors

Jamie Davidson

Jamie has voiced several roles in radio-style sketches for The Conversation Hat Podcast; Stabbed Panda’s Music History series.

You can immediately recognise Jamie’s uniquely gravelly vocals which have a satisfying degree of low-end rumble.

View Jamie’s voice-reel on YouTube.

Liam Taylor

Liam has co-hosted The Conversation Hat Podcast since it’s debut as well as appearing in most of it’s radio-style comedy sketches. He has hosted or acted on well over 500 YouTube videos for various Odd Creative projects, as well a his own channel.

One of the most impressive things with Liam’s voice-over is the speed with which he can rant about subjects, whilst maintaining good diction.

View Liam’s voice-reel on YouTube.

Si Pettit

Si has voiced roles in radio-style sketches for The Conversation Hat Podcast and many of Stabbed Panda’s music education shows: Pro Tips for Independent Bands; Music History.

For internal projects, we always ensure that Si gets the roles that rely on comic timing. Additionally, he has a variety of dramatic or comedic voices to choose from.

View Si’s voice-reel on YouTube.