Who Are We?

ODD CREATIVE are a UK-based multimedia production company, focused on providing cost-effective bespoke media to independent businesses and niche markets.

Not only can we create unique resources for marketing campaigns, band or brand promotion, we can also assist with the campaign itself, making sure you get the most out of our creations. Need different aspect ratios for Instagram and Facebook campaigns? Not a problem! Unsure of why you would need different aspect ratios? Also not a problem!

Scroll down to see the individual services we provide, with examples of how each service has been deployed by the client.


Below are examples of our promotional video portfolio

Promotional Video

What better way to publicise your event than a video promo or mini-doc? Here is an example of such work, created for Norwich Gaming Festival which includes interviews with indie game developers and original music.

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Bespoke Music for Visual Media

We can cover a variety of musical styles and ensembles from contemporary rock and metal to chiptune or cinematic orchestra. Please view the playlist below for examples.

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A convincing and well-acted voice-over is integral to any high-quality show or advert. We have a variety of voice actors each with their own range of accents and well-developed characters.

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Music Videos

Where can you get a professional music video, for under £200? Right here.We have the facilities to create super-affordable music videos for an individual singer-songwriter, but also have contacts to get you a highly professional video to rival bands on major labels.

“a pleasure and ease to work with, meeting all of my personal requests and providing a high quality and authentic-to-the-music Final Product”

– Harri Beasley, 2017

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Social Media Assets

In the age of online media, solid art-work is key to selling your band, (or business) on any social media platforms you use. Originality, genre-appropriateness and consistency across platforms are all vital. We can make your statement visually, while you make it musically.

Whether it’s banners for Twitter or YouTube, or animated headers for your Facebook page, we can make something professional, to help you stand out.

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Title Animations

For use on YouTube channels, on Instagram, Twitch or anywhere else your brand requires that added flare. In addition to the animations, we can also provide original music or sound design.

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