A podcast for geeks, artists and terrible people: The Conversation Hat is a bizarre, comedy romp through the arts, philosophy and culture. Conversation topics are chosen at random from The Hat. Based in Cambridge, UK, hosts Ben & Liam invite guests from the creative industries to tackle the big questions in life: What is your favourite question? Do puppies have Christmas? When will the aliens invade?



The Conversation Hat is available on most podcast apps. We also upload video episodes and additional content to YouTube. Listeners can become supporters of the show over Patreon to access episodes early and unlock bonus content.


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Based in Indiana, USA, Indy PopCon is a convergence of innovation, pop culture, and fandom, where we celebrate the spirit of the independent creator and their fans.  If you’re a fan of TV, movies, gaming, internet culture, cosplay, and/or comics, then you’ll be able to support budding artists and find fun at PopCon.

In 2018 our podcast, The Conversation Hat, won Indy PopCon’s Comedy Podcast Award.

Indy PopCon Website.